Art and Beauty ala Camilla Franks

Kerry-Lou, my amazing Hair and Make-up Stylist and Partner worked with Australian designer, Camilla Franks recently.  Camilla designs elegant, sensual kaftans with colorful, handmade graphic prints.  You can check out her story and current line at Kerry-Lou was inspired to create a series of images incorporating airbrush body paint and Camilla’s beautiful Kaftans. I was only too happy to help and so last Sunday, Kerry-Lou, our lovely Muse Susannah, and I endeavored to illustrate the emotional effect generated by wearing Camilla’s gorgeous designs. Image number 1, voila! You can see more of Kerry’s wonderful work at! Photography by Joe Henson.

Susannah wearing Camilla Franks Caftan

Susannah wearing Camilla Franks Caftan

Sandwiched Between the Gods of photography!

My fine art photography is currently on display at the Contemporary Art and Editions gallery in Millburn, NJ.  Here is a profile from the local newspaper…

Local Voices

Contemporary Art and Editions

Greg Smith of Contemporary Art and Editions
Robert Cottingham Show

“Edgy Suburbia” is an oxymoron. Thankfully, on rare occasion it shows up in one form or another like a breath of fresh city air as did ‘Contemporary Art and Editions’ a fine art gallery on Essex Street in downtown Millburn. The gallery, a pristine and modern open space, shows contemporary art with an energy not readily available in suburban galleries.

Currently showing at  Contemporary Art and Editions are limited editions by the preeminent photo realist, American artist Robert Cottingham. Taking 4.5 years of collaboration between Cottingham, Smith and master printer Gary Lichenstein to create 100 print portfolios of 12 Cottingham images each, the process of creating fine prints of this level is artistic, technical, and collaborative. Prints are offered invidually, framed or unframed. Entire portfolios of the 12 Cottingham images are offered in a handmade linen portfolio case, impressed with the title of the portfolio.

Also on display at Contemporary Art and Editions are pieces from Chinese artists Liu Baomin, Huang Yan and Sui Jianguo, the master Chinese sculptor who recently joined Pace Gallery in Bejing. Black and white photography by Arturo Toulinov, David LaChapelle, Joe Henson and Horst, amongst many others, are available, as well.

Upcoming is a show premiering the limited edition prints of the collages of star architect  Richard Meir. Not to be missed, this is the first show of the collages, printed for Meir by Greg Smith.

I was so excited to see my name sandwiched between David LaChappelle and Horst, two of my all time favorite gods of photography. One can only hope for guilt by association! If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by and have a look!

Joe Henson Interview on “Destination Montclair”!

We’re excited to present my interview on “Destination Montclair”, an interview show based in my hometown which features profiles of local artists.  It was my first TV interview (besides my celebrated appearance on Romper Room in 1960!).  It was shot live, with no rehearsal, a bit nervewracking, but at least no Albert Brooks flop sweat!  Please watch and enjoy…

Big Gallery Opening Night Party!

Our opening night party was wonderful!

It started out badly. As Kerry and I were driving to the gallery, the skies opened up and a monsoon began. As I bemoaned my fate, Kerry stepped in and cast a spell. She cleared the skies of clouds above the gallery and as we got closer, the rain lessened and then stopped! Note to myself – Never mess with Kerry – Strong powers there!

We were pleased to see so many of our friends from Manhattan and all over the area. It was extremely heartwarming to get that support.

I want to thank Krista Hyer, the gallery owner for the wonderful job she did in the presentation and organization of the show. And to all of our friends who showed up – it meant a lot to me that you made such an effort on a drizzly night.

I am very pleased to say that we have sold 3 prints so far, and the show will be up until mid July. Please stop by!

Mona Lisa Gallery
168 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood, NJ